Friday, July 29, 2011

Thread Painting Closeups

I have made a little more progress on my thread painting:

I promised some close-ups, so here they are!

This is one of the mountains. I don't think my thread color choice was great in this, but at least it shows up well in the picture! The top is done with a straight stitch, moving the fabric relatively quickly. The curvy contours are done using a zigzag stitch and moving the fabric quite slowly. The piece is held at an angle while doing that:

Here is a tree line. The top is done the same way as the top of the mountain. The inside detail is also a zigzag stitch, but this time I moved the fabric faster, and it was at a 90-degree angle to give that up-and-down look. At the bottom, there are some reeds, which are done on a straight stitch again.

Here is the bottom of the tree and the water. Ignore the texture on the tree trunk--it's water-soluble stabilizer that was used to draw the tree branches. The swirl on the tree was a zigzag stitch, as was the stitching on the water, but again with the fabric held at different angles. I covered the water with some blue shimmery tulle before stitching.

Here is some more detail on the tree, and the foliage added. The foliage is also a straight stitch, but this time moving the fabric very quickly and somewhat haphazardly.

There is still more stitching to be done!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Sunday Stash Report

I took my first quilt class this weekend, so I used up a bit of fabric! I'll post more details soon, but here's what I've created so far for my first thread painted landscape:

Those little butterflies are pins, not a design element!

Also, I've been pondering this pile of color in my future craft room:

Those are paint chips--after painting a few samples...

I've settled on "Mexican Moonlight" for the bottom and "Glazed Pears" (on the left) for the sloped walls. Most of the bottom will be covered by furniture, so hopefully it won't interfere with my ability to think about colors in there. I do wonder if paint companies employ someone to come up with names for paint colors. I wish that was my job!

Used This Week: 0.25
Used Year To Date: 25.5
Added This Week: 0
Added Year To Date: 72.5
Net Used For 2011: -47

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Thursday, July 21, 2011


I like the skirt I made a couple of weeks ago so much I decided to order more fabric and make a bunch more.

And a friend of mine wanted a skirt like that too, so I made her one as well:

Since I had the machine up set up for embroidery, I figured I might as well get my octopi embroidered on the quilt top that's been sitting around waiting for embroidered octopi.

They're subtle!

Now to find backing and quilt it!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Sunday Stash Report

It's not been a good week so I haven't gotten any sewing done this week--but I did finally get the binding done on that rainbow pinwheel quilt last week, so I can show you a finish so that this post is less boring:

And here are a couple of closeups.

I ordered some cotton knit the week before to make some more skirts, and my order arrived this week. Somehow, a half yard of quilting fabric found its way in.

Used This Week: 0
Used Year To Date: 25.25
Added This Week: 0.5
Added Year To Date: 72.5
Net Used For 2011: -47.25

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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Sunday Stash Report

In this week: 3 1/8 yards, basic black and white-on-white that wouldn't make for very interesting pictures!

My "out," unfortunately, doesn't add up to any meaningful yardage, but I am pleased with this little mug rug that I whipped up last night for a dear friend who is far away and sick. Hopefully she is resting and not reading my blog! :)

Used This Week: 0
Used Year To Date: 25.25
Added This Week: 3.125
Added Year To Date: 72
Net Used For 2011: -46.75

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Saturday, July 9, 2011

I'm being productive!

I've had a relatively productive week. Here is the pattern I made with our little randomization program last week...

...and here is the finished quilt top! I only had to make one small change because I ended up with one too few pieces of the blue tweed.

Since it's a simple pattern, I'd like to do some reasonably fancy quilting--we'll see how that goes, since I'm really not that good at the actual quilting bit.

I also finally got my dad's birthday pajama pants (purchased, I'm afraid) embroidered:

And then I liked the design so much I put it on a jersey skirt I made for myself:

I'm having a skirt-wearing sort of summer, and this skirt is so comfortable I think I'm going to make myself a bunch more!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Sunday Stash Report

Nothing in this week, and I'm counting as out all of the Quilter's Tweed I bought last week. The columns are sewn (hopefully in the correct order--I think I was careful!); I'm hoping to finish the quilt top today--stay tuned for pictures!

Used This Week: 2.5
Used Year To Date: 25.25
Added This Week: 0
Added Year To Date: 68.875
Net Used For 2011: -43.625

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