Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sunday Stash Report

I'm a little late in starting this, so I'll have to catch up on all my fabric purchases from this year.

I blew my plan to not buy so much fabric on January 2, when I convinced my mother to take me to the awesome fabric shop while visiting for the holidays. (I bought fabric at other awesome fabric shops while visiting as well, but since that was before the new year, it doesn't count. HA!)

So, there I got
-three yards of owl fabric, to try a one-block wonder quilt, plus some extra because it's awesome not cut up, too:

-A yard of batik and two fat quarters
We're going to ignore the apparel fabric I bought there, since this is supposed to be a quilty stash report!
Subtotal: 4 1/2 yards

I got a yard of fabric at my local quilt shop for a black-and-white quilt.
Subtotal: 1 yard

And last weekend I decided to start exploring Atlanta quilt shops, so some more damage was done at Intown Quilters.  

-2 yards of Heather Ross Mendocino fabric for an octopus quilt, plus 1/2 of an accent fabric that I think is going to make the quilt!

-1 1/4 yards of batik. Because I turn into a gibbering heap of helplessness around batiks.

Subtotal: 3 3/4 yards

Yesterday, in a complete surprise, I got these beautiful fat quarters in the mail from Frieda Anderson:

Subtotal: 1 yard

And two yards of backing for the black and white quilt I'm working on for a friend.

Subtotal: 2 yards

So, the grand total in is 12 1/4 yards so far this year. Oops!

As for out, I've used 2 1/8 for the black and white quilt (pictures soon!), 1 yard for hanging sleeves for the quilts that are going in the local quilt show in March, and 1 3/4 for a skirt for me. That's a grand total out of 4 7/8. OK, not as bad as I was thinking, although I'm not sure how to deal with scraps yet, because there were plenty of those left over!

See how everyone else is doing!

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