Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sunday Stash Report

I was so good for the last few weeks, and it's all gone to pot. I know next week won't be pretty either, since the Cotton Patch Quilt Show starts on Friday and there is a special member preview party and sale the night before. I'm very excited about it--the quilts should all be judged by now and I can't wait to see how mine did! Check back next week; I'll be sure to take lots of pictures of all the quilts.

I used 1.375 yards for the baby quilt top this week.

In this week were some fabrics I need for quilts that are in the works, plus some fabrics that I totally didn't need but that somehow came home with me anyway:

Some Flora&Fauna fat quarters. I think these go nicely together even though they're different colorways, and I've already got a quilt idea to showcase them.

Some brown batiks to make cubes to go with the one-patch wonder I'm working on:

And some assorted fabrics, including more turquoise so I can finally start my octopus quilt, a yummy yard from Dragonfly, and some shell fabric from my mom.

Oh gosh, how did my hand end up in that picture? That sparkly thing is not fabric, and besides, it should have been in last week's stash report!

Used This Week: 1.375
Used Year To Date: 10.125
Added This Week: 5.25
Added Year To Date: 20
Net Used For 2011: -9.875

See how everyone else is doing.


  1. Pretty fabric, and gorgeous sparkly thing!

  2. I second what Vicky said. Besides, somebody had to support the quilt shops, right??

  3. Sometimes you just can't resist, I know. I find the ONLY way I can keep from buying fabric is if I stay home and off my computer--cheeeze! But what fun is that??!!

  4. Such pretty fabric! And such a pretty sparkly. I'd get it in every picture I could. ;)

  5. Thanks, ladies! And it's true, I was doing a good deed by supporting small businesses! :)

  6. Love all your fabrics. Now if you just don't buy a soft drink or a candy bar on your way to the quilt shops - the fabric is completely justified... at least for me!