Sunday, March 6, 2011

Sunday Stash Report

Well, I promised you a terrible week in terms of my recovery from fabric-buying addiction, and I'm here to tell you that I didn't disappoint.

You see, Schoolhouse Quilts was there selling fabric for $6 a yard... including batiks... and I turn into a gibbering heap with no control over my wallet when batiks are involved!

Plus, assorted bolt ends and half yard cuts from a few other vendors...

That's all the fabric, but I got this sweet pincushion from Anita Heady Fiber Arts:

Finally, something other than a tomato pincushion! I just love it.

I also picked up a Lil' Twister tool, which I was excited to find after having seen this tutorial, and I immediately started cutting fabric, since this finally is a good use for a cute fat quarter stack I've had sitting around for quite a while.

In other news this week, I also put together the bulk of my octopus quilt top.

Why does this look lopsided? This better be the camera angle...
I'm still thinking about the border. I was originally going to add just a narrow turquoise border, but I'm now thinking about a wider turquoise with a darker orange or maybe a yellow line in it.

Used This Week: 3.5
Used Year To Date: 13.625
Added This Week: 12
Added Year To Date: 32
Net Used For 2011: -18.375

Time to start behaving myself again! See how everyone else is doing...


  1. Ohh I love the octopus quilt top. Can't wait to see what you choose to do with the border.

  2. There is something in batiks that hypnotize us and MAKE us buy them! lol You picked some great ones. I like the octopus quilt too; it doesn't look at all lopsided to me.

  3. Oh those fabrics are yummy!! They called to you and you were forced to answer - so how could they not come home with you?

  4. Oh now I don't feel so bad! LOL I see a lot of quilters fell off the wagon this week. I think it's all the great quilt shows going on--you just HAVE to support the vendors!!

  5. I really like the colors in your octopus quilt!

  6. HI,

    I love this quilt! Is there a pattern for it or is it your own design? Would you be willing to share the pattern.

  7. It's my own design--or at least it was done with a the help of one of the layouts available in the Electric Quilt software. The construction requires some thinking about, so I can certainly work on writing it up. For now, I'll tell you that the sashing is 1" finished, the small blocks are 4" finished, and the big ones are 9" finished.