Sunday, June 12, 2011

Sunday Stash Report (and some fuzzy pictures...)

Tea towels don't count, right? I'm back in town after almost three weeks in England! And I have been good about buying fabric in the last few weeks. Well, except for these outrageously expensive fancy limited edition fabrics from the Victoria and Albert Museum in London.

Not my usual style but they're from the V&A!!

I was hoping to have the chance to show you lots of pictures from their famed textile collection, but alas, all the textile and all the fashion galleries--the main reason I was so excited about going there--were closed until 2013 because they were being moved elsewhere. So, if anyone is thinking about a trip to London in part to see the V&A, wait until then!!

I did take a few fuzzy pictures in the India gallery on the ground floor, which I will now subject you to. Sorry about the fuzz, but these things are old and I didn't think the museum would appreciate flash!

Embroidered, I believe.

The hemline of this Indian men's garment apparently measures something on the order of 60 meters!

An amazing painted quilt from India

Unbelievable embroidery. It looked like it was done by machine, except of course it wasn't.

A closeup of another beautiful embroidered textile. You might be able to see a little of the stitching by clicking on the picture for the full version.

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Used Year To Date: 22.625
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  1. Oooo....despite being outrageously priced, those fabrics are BEAUTIFUL! Thank you for sharing the pictures of the India gallery; quite lovely. Your trip must have been amazing.